[Loadstone] Loadstone GPS V0.66 released

Jim Ruby jim at blindsea.com
Fri Feb 2 18:47:01 GMT 2007

I am getting page not found when trying to access the site.

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Hello All,

Loadstone GPS V0.66 is now released.  For those of you using Nokia 6600 
phone's, there is a "N6600" version you should use.  All others (we think) 
should download/use the normal V0.66 version.  Please let us know if you 
experience difficulties.

To download Loadstone GPS and to read the release notes, please visit the 
Loadstone GPS Download page at:


The documentation will reflect any changes/updates and can be found on the 
Documentation page at the aforementioned web site.

As always we welcome comments (good and bad) regarding Loadstone GPS.

Best regards,
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