[Loadstone] automated signing and a sudgestion

Shawn Keen shawn.keen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 11:01:05 GMT 2007

It's on the web page, under documentation and third party signing or 
something like that. 7.95 is fare to me, and I didn't want to mess with 
doing it myself.

btw, if you want to use your knew phone go ahead, then you can just use your 
old phone with out a sim card and still get ls to work!  I found this out 
the other day with my 6682.

btw, here is a sudgestion, how about having ls turn bluetooth off when it 
exits, or at least asking if you want to turn it off.

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> I'd like to learn more about this process.  Perhaps this might be the way
> I can finally get LS on my N95.  I wen through the whole self signing
> process and when I try to install the self signed version I'm told that I
> can't and that it's restricted by the certificate.  I certainly wouldn't
> mind paying a few bucks if it means that I can finally run LS on my new
> phone.  I've also heard that Symbian changed the signingprocess and that
> it would be easier for developers to sign apps.  Will there soon be a new
> version of LS that will be signed?  My new phone is good to go except for
> LS, this is the only reason I'm still using the old phone so I'm anxiously
> waiting for the day I can finally get LS going on my N95.
> Julian
> Shawn Keen
>> Hi,
>> Yesterday I purchased a  automated signing and I still haven't received 
>> my
>> file,  I think the email address that my pay pal might have come from 
>> was
>> the wrong one, I've since changed the primary address and I wasn't sure
>> where else to email about this problem.
>> the file should go to
>> shawn.keen at gmail.com
>> thanks
>> Shawn
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