[Loadstone] Database export question

Grzegorz Zlotowicz grzezlo at wp.pl
Sun Dec 16 16:24:00 GMT 2007

Hi, i'm Greg from Poland, this is my first post on this list, so i will briefly introduce myself first.
I'm user of LS for few months.
I've spent a bit of my time developing poi converter helpful for polish LS community useful in gathering pois from websites which collects pois from area of Poland.

I've reviewed archives of this list, but i don't found answer to following question:
Let's say that i've a ls database containing thousant of points. I would like to send for example two or three of them to my friend without exporting whole database to text file and editing it on pc.
Is it possible to do it in LS?
If not, possibly it may be implemented?
My vision of this feature is like this:
1. User opens some database, then in exploration mode marks one or few points as checkpoints.
2. Then he goes to file menu, export submenu and selects "checkpoints only" function which could work like a "private data" function, but exporting only points at the moment selected as checkpoints.
Is it possible to implement such feature in LS?

Greetings, Greg.
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