[Loadstone] GPS accuracy

Ari Moisio arimo at netsonic.fi
Sun Dec 16 09:46:02 GMT 2007


  Just for FYI: i have  compared the accuracy of differrent gps receiver 
and  noticed there are clear differences.  The used method was not very 
scientific, i just stored same reference point  several times at 
differrent times and   looked the results with Loadstone's whow area 
-function. I  tried to  find a point as center as possible of this group 
of points to have similar amount of points in east/west and north/south 
from this reference point.

  Receivers were Globalsat bt-359,Holux M-1000,  Insmat SIRF-3 (Globalsat) 
and Nokia ld-3w.

  There were no majod differences between both Globalsats. Insmat mad some 
more hits in the range under 5 meters from reference point but it also had 
one point 21 meterf from it. Bt-359 had all it's points within 10 meters 
from reference points but had slighly more error.  Holux had about a third 
of it's points at range of 10 - 20 meters from reference. Nokia due it's 
static navigation had an error of 30 meters or more.

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