[Loadstone] Cell info

Jim Ruby jim at blindsea.com
Sat Dec 15 10:04:47 GMT 2007

There is info on the net how the cell id is made up and it contains info on
location etc. maybe some sort of db to pull this info from would help, but
bet it would be huge.

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If your cells display with propper names on your phone I'd say lucky you. I 
don't know if other places do this or not but I've never seen it. I'm not 
sure how exactly they'd get that name to you either. It would be nice to 
have thoe.

On Sat, 15 Dec 2007, David Allen wrote:

> Hi list!
> It is possible that I haven't comprehended correctly how this cell
> capabilities of Loadstone work, so if this is so, feel free to tell me.
> Here in New Zealand, cell sites seem to be identified with their geogrphic
> location in English on my phone. In Loadstone, they appear to have strange
> names relative to some point in my database.
> Yes, I am aware that I can label the cell by pressing 8 in navigation
> but that assumes that I know for certain what cell site I am actually
> seeing. That is something I can't guarantee I know, for example around my
> house, where I get only one or two bars of network coverage, but according
> to the cell display on my phone, might see one of about five different
> sites.
> Since this information is obviously available, why can't Loadstone pick it
> up when it sees the site and capture this info automatically? I think it
> would be more useful if it did that.
> Cheers,
> Dave
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