[Loadstone] Use checkpoints only & auto announce

Logan McMullen lmcmullen at rnzfb.org.nz
Thu Dec 13 18:46:00 GMT 2007

Hi there everyone,

Right, I've got my new database loaded to the phone and can use it to
explore etc.

I've marked some points(a route I walk to work) and saved these as a
checkpoints file.
I then cleared the checkpoints and shutdown loadstone.
This morning when I started loadstone I loaded the checkpoints file,
selected use checkpoints only and enabled auto announce...this set my
E65 into a spin!

What happened was not only were the checkpoints being announced for the
route to work but also every other point that I approached and even some
points up to, and over, 1.5km from my current point.

When the points not in the checkpoint file loaded are announced they are
reported as .." entering intersection A 1.5km " (the intersection A part
can be replaced with any named intersection.)
The checkpoints in the loaded file are reported like..." intersection A
30metres to the southeast" (again the intersection A part is replaced by
any named intersection)

My entire set up -in respect to database is:
1.  I have a default database with every intersection in my city in it.
2.  I have a number of checkpoint files which I have saved -these relate
to various destinations etc

My questions are:

1.  Have I encountered a bug in my loadstone install that sees it
announcing every point rather than just the loaded file?
2.  Have I got something wrong in my overall database/checkpoint file
setup that might create this issue?

Any help greatly appreciated.



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