[Loadstone] More POI troubles

Logan McMullen lmcmullen at rnzfb.org.nz
Wed Dec 12 19:19:54 GMT 2007

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the advice/suggestions.
I've overcome the issue with the converter -after discussing the issue
with a local loadstone user we found that if I removed the header row
the file would go through the converter.
I realise this may create some issues in regard to using the file as a
stand alone database but I suspect this can be overcome by creating an
empty database in loadstone and then importing the file generated by the
anyways...I'm now at the stage of importing/loading the database and
have encountered another issue...
when I go through the menus and select the copied file to import
loadstone reports that it is compacting the database etc but then the
final report is that no new points were loaded, no duplicates ignored
etc and the database is empty!(the points form the file have not been
pulled in)
does anyone have any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong...remember
I'm new to loadstone and this is my first time going through the process
so if I'm missing something simple forgive me!!

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	If you could send me the .csv file I'll have a look at the
format, a zilion things can be wrong that break the conversion process.
Usual these are minor things like a comma in the wrong place or omitted,
a quotemark to much etc. A .csv file is comma seperated, but that's
about all the converter knows about it until it tries to break down the
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	At 12/12/2007, you wrote:

		Hi everyone,
		I'm slowly working through various errors in the
conversion of a .CSV
		I have resolved the incorrect user id message but now
when I put my CSV
		file into the converter it only picks up one POI.
		If I have "Include header" option checked this is the
only thing that it
		converts -it ignores the other 4800 or so entries below
		If I don't have " Include header ' checked it says it
brings in one POI
		but the results file is empty.
		Has anyone had this issue before?  Anyone got some great
eacy ideas on
		how to resolve this??
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