[Loadstone] loadstone thanks

Shawn Keen shawn.keen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 03:09:21 GMT 2007


I've been playing with loadstone now for the last few days!  Out of many 
programs I've used out there and with this being somewhat free.  I have to 
congratulate you all that work on this, Your doing a fine job. this is a 
very nice little program!

One idea I have is when your in explorer mode and your following a street, 
it would be nice if you could just lock on to one street and follow it no 
matter what direction it turns.   Sometimes when following a root or just 
messing around exploring I get off my path and it's tuff to find out where 
the street went.

On another note, I forget who it was, but one of the adaptive vendors came 
out with a talking map program, I think it's called way to go!  Maybe 
someone could take on a project to make a pc version of just the explorer. 
part of loadstone, That way to go software is like 800 dollars, completely 
unreasonable in my opinion!

thanks again for all of your hard work,  I'll start donating when I can as 


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