[Loadstone] any way to generate phone-ready points databases on PC?

Alan loadstone-l at as2.info
Mon Dec 10 01:45:38 GMT 2007

Hello, I've seen references to a Windows-based Symbian OS emulator on 
Symbian.com. Do the Loadstone developers use this emulator for testing? 
(It may or may not be accessible.)

By default apparently the phone's C: drive on the emulator is mapped to 
the Y: drive on Windows. Theoretically, the specific import 
functionality in question could be made into a standalone application 
(hopefully not requiring code signing.) Use the emulator to run the 
database import on the PC, copy the flat file off the Y: drive onto the 
appropriate place on the real phone. A pain yes but the biggest issue 
for new Loadstone users on S60 3rd ed phones is still getting Loadstone 
installed. Compared to all that, this task could be easier. The 
developer/user experience would be to install the emulator (or the SDK 
bundle), install the small import application, run the import 
application on arbitrary datasets, and move the flat files about.


Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:
> I have to say you get points for being able to read the source code and 
> understand what it's doing.
> We'd like to be able to generate databases on the pc but unfortunately the 
> format of the symbian database files isn't known. Or if it is known I 
> haven't been able to find any information about it. Having that format 
> information would make a lot of things possible.
> On Sun, 9 Dec 2007, Alan wrote:
>> Hello, I don't know if this is feasible or not, but I thought I'd throw
>> it out there.
>> To import a recommended size data set (perhaps 30,000 points from the
>> points exchange) takes about 10-20 minutes on my Nokia E70. This doesn't
>> sound like much but adds up when you're storing multiple optimal-size
>> databases to cover a certain geography. From my quick perosal of the
>> sourcecode in ImportExport.cpp, the process looks like this:
>> 1.  The database is implemented via a Symbian RdbNamedDatabase. Each
>> proposed new record is checked for duplication and an insert is made.
>> 2.  After 30,000 inserts into the Symbian database implementation, the
>> database is compacted.
>> 3.  This compacted database is stored as one serialized file on the phone.
>> Would it be possible to write a PC-side program to insert, compact, and
>> serialize the database into a file on the PC? I imagine this might take
>> 15 seconds on a PC instead of 15 minutes.
>> One problem I see to this is that the database implementation uses the
>> Symbian API, and I haven't been able to find any documentation
>> describing the implementation, only the interface. I realize this would
>> break the Symbian database abstraction but the datasets Loadstone deals
>> with are very standardized and not variable and the performance and user
>> experience payoff would be considerable.
>> Regards,
>> Alan
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