[Loadstone] app installed in main memory; DB on memory card: a needed refinement

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Mon Dec 10 00:11:48 GMT 2007

Making the various paths of the program configurable is on the todo list. 
This would allow storing databases on the memory card without all the 
tedious selecting.

On Sun, 9 Dec 2007, Alan wrote:

> Hello, I was looking for a simple GPS solution without the requirement
> for interactive data services (Wayfinder, whose service model raises
> cost and privacy issues.) Google led me to Loadstone and I think it will
> be a winner. (Patiently waiting for my GPS receiver as a gift.) In the
> meantime I've been playing with the software.
> I have a Nokia E70, which has 64 MB of internal memory. However I do
> have a 2 GB memory card installed. I wanted wide coverage over two
> metropolitan areas, so I downloaded base data sets from the points
> exchange and used Perl scripts to slice and dice the datasets into
> smaller database files that were somewhat geometrically rational.
> (Basically, for each metro area I drew a circle around my home base and
> put all the points within this core circle into the database. Then for
> the larger concentric circle I removed all the core points and then used
> longitude and latitude to divide the "hollowed out" dataset into four
> 90-degree arcs.)
> Anyway, my datasets total about 26 MB. So what I'm doing is saving the
> database files to the memory card, and then I would load each file into
> memory as I needed it.
> My comment is that when I choose Load Database from the file menu, since
> Loadstone application is installed to main memory, I need to select ".."
> four times, then down to main memory card, and then to the loadstone
> folder on that memory card. This simple task of loading a database from
> the memory card is very tedious.
> A much-needed refinement would be to make this dialog two tabs: the
> first tab is for browsing main memory (or wherever the application is
> installed) and the second tab, accessible via right joystick, would be
> to browse the other storage device.
> Thoughts?
> Regards,
> Alan
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