[Loadstone] any way to generate phone-ready points databases on PC?

Alan loadstone-l at as2.info
Sun Dec 9 15:54:37 GMT 2007

Hello, I don't know if this is feasible or not, but I thought I'd throw 
it out there.

To import a recommended size data set (perhaps 30,000 points from the 
points exchange) takes about 10-20 minutes on my Nokia E70. This doesn't 
sound like much but adds up when you're storing multiple optimal-size 
databases to cover a certain geography. From my quick perosal of the 
sourcecode in ImportExport.cpp, the process looks like this:

1.  The database is implemented via a Symbian RdbNamedDatabase. Each 
proposed new record is checked for duplication and an insert is made.
2.  After 30,000 inserts into the Symbian database implementation, the 
database is compacted.
3.  This compacted database is stored as one serialized file on the phone.

Would it be possible to write a PC-side program to insert, compact, and 
serialize the database into a file on the PC? I imagine this might take 
15 seconds on a PC instead of 15 minutes.

One problem I see to this is that the database implementation uses the 
Symbian API, and I haven't been able to find any documentation 
describing the implementation, only the interface. I realize this would 
break the Symbian database abstraction but the datasets Loadstone deals 
with are very standardized and not variable and the performance and user 
experience payoff would be considerable.



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