[Loadstone] Cellinfo on Nokia E60

Jurgen eisbaer at online-rudel.net
Thu Dec 6 18:02:18 GMT 2007

> What do you mean nothing happens?

1. When I try to label a cell over Menu LS just returns to main
window ant nothing more.
2. When I try to as for a cells name, ls just returns to main
window and nothing else
3. When I try to update or create a POI, never the les I do it by
hotkey or menu, the Caption of the ls window changes to "updating
point" or some thing like that, but the normal functionality of
LS goes on. f.e. I can ask whats ahead by pressing joistick up or
count of satelites by pressing 7 when I'm in navigation mode.
Only quiting LS and restarting brings back the normal caption.
Even when I come back from menu or togle between navigation and
exploration mode, the caption stays ?Editing



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