[Loadstone] Direction fix mode

Jurgen eisbaer at online-rudel.net
Tue Dec 4 17:37:14 GMT 2007

Hi All,

the iedea I wrote of, was not to use everytime but if given speed
from GPS falls under the static mark.

Any desition can  only make any sence, if we have a accurate
position in this moment or some seconds before. This Point X has
to be knowen at this moment, because we have to be awair, that
the user doesn't walk to far from this point until his stop.

So X is saved from time to time or distance to distance, but only
used, when we are under the static speed and the user wants to
use this.

Ofcorse this had to be anounced when asking for direction and
Speed. By now we have the anouncements "Last heading" and
"current heading". Some thing like "Calculated heading from last
20 meters".

Best regards


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