[Loadstone] Direction fix mode

Jürgen eisbaer at online-rudel.net
Sun Dec 2 10:42:48 GMT 2007

Hello LS-Team,

I've another suggestion to make a good thing better:

Often when I come to a busstop or crossing, the direction starts
to spin around.  I know the reason for this, and I know, how to
fix it by now. I just could set the minimum speed to 2 or 3 km.
But in other situations this will also have bad results. Now I've
an idea, that would have no bad results for me and if it's
swichable could not have any bad results for others.

What about calculating direction inside LS. I can imaging  it the
following way:
- An new Value in Settings (GPS drivt prevention) Set to 0 meters
LS runs like now
- Set to a value (V) different from 0 LS calculates its owen
direction following this logic:
Save Position X
When getting new position Y
Calculate D as distance between x and y
if D bigger than  V then
Calculate Heading from X to Y
Save Y as X
End If

Setting V to some thing around 20 meters would giving good
results for nearly everyone. The better some ones receiver or
signal, the lower the value may be.

What Do you think about this Idea?


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