[Loadstone] Crashes with latest stable on a Nokia 6682

Q q.alpha at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 05:02:10 GMT 2007

-- Just what the subject says.  Loadstone looks like a fantabulous 
program, and I'm testing it with cell data before I commit to buying a 
gps, (thinking about the qstars q-818 unless someone can suggest 
better?) and whenever I do anything file-related, load database, import 
database, it pops me right back out to the phone's menu, or main window, 
or where ever I happen to launch it from.  I tried logging, but the log 
simply ends after the start logging line.
A bit of a disappointment and I hope you guys can help me with this as 
it seems like a fantabulous program...
Also, if I might ask, what toolchain do you use to build loadstone?
Sorry for formatting and spelling, jaws has decided it doesn't like 
thunderbird today...
Thanks much,

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