[Loadstone] Clock may have stopped working

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sun Dec 2 01:30:22 GMT 2007

Does the clock resume after a while? If you have clock beeps on then after 
you get the clock stopped ticking message you should hear a beep every 5 
seconds or so until the data comes back. Does the data ever resume? If so 
then I'd suggest adjusting the clock tick interval upwards and that might 
solve the problem. If the data never resumes then I'd say you have a real 
problem, either with the receiver or the phone's bluetooth stack.
As for your key suggestion, there's already keys to do those things. 1 will 
give heading and speed and 5 will give the next checkpoint. Or you can use 
the online keymap tool to change that to a single key if you wanted.

On Sun, 2 Dec 2007, lancfgb wrote:

>    I am running a Nokia N93i with the latest version of Loadstone and a
> Sanav  BT48reciever.  When they work it is wonderful.  I am navigating all
> sorts of
> open spaces where I did not dare to go before.  The problem is the system
> stops once or twice on almost every outing, giving the clock has stopped
> working
> message I then have to stop restart the phone and reset Loadstone before
> continuing on my way. . .  Usually at the most critical moment.  Any ideas
> why?
> I chose the 93i because of its open keyboard and multi function capabilities
> and find it most useful.
> A development suggestion is a key that alternates between giving distance
> and bearing to the next way point and actual course and speed.  In open
> space
> situations this would help to ensure that a traveller is heading straight
> for a way point.
> Lance Girling-Butcher
> New Plymouth
> New Zealand`

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