[Loadstone] Clock may have stopped working

lancfgb lancegb at xtra.co.nz
Sun Dec 2 00:06:35 GMT 2007

    I am running a Nokia N93i with the latest version of Loadstone and a
Sanav  BT48reciever.  When they work it is wonderful.  I am navigating all
sorts of
open spaces where I did not dare to go before.  The problem is the system
stops once or twice on almost every outing, giving the clock has stopped
message I then have to stop restart the phone and reset Loadstone before
continuing on my way. . .  Usually at the most critical moment.  Any ideas
I chose the 93i because of its open keyboard and multi function capabilities
and find it most useful.
A development suggestion is a key that alternates between giving distance
and bearing to the next way point and actual course and speed.  In open
situations this would help to ensure that a traveller is heading straight
for a way point.
Lance Girling-Butcher
New Plymouth
New Zealand`
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