[Loadstone] GPS receiver information

David Allen wd8ldy at ihug.co.nz
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Hi Rob and list!

Yes it is a nice article and covers how the receiver works in depth. It 
seems to me, though, that including mention of those items such as cold 
start, warm start, hot start, waas/egnos on/off and power saving on/off with 
brief explanations of what they do wouldn't be out of line. We do encounter 
those things in using the Loadstone programme. I notice details are included 
about the various speed measurements there is to choose from so consistancy 
suggests the GPS options should be covered to the same degree.

It can be hard to convince someone to read a manual even when they should, 
but it is easier to do that if I can say that it explains what each item in 
the programme meanss. Many would never go on to read that in-depth article 
though I found it to be useful and helpful.

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> Hi all,
> It is true that the Getting Started Manual and the Menu and Key reference
> guide say little about GPS receivers, basically because the documentation
> deals with the Loadstone-gps program. However, on the 'Articles' page on
> the website:
> http://www.loadstone-gps.com/articles/
> you will find a link to the 'GPS receivers: how they work' article that
> tells you all about the way GPS receivers work and wich factors play a 
> roll
> in the reception of GPS satellite signals. Written by many authors and
> nicely compiled for the Loadstone-GPS user this article gives you all the
> information that's needed to understand how your receiver does its work.
> Rob
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