[Loadstone] Deaf receiver?

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sat Dec 1 05:27:43 GMT 2007

You could be having some really bad weather conditions preventing you from 
getting a signal or maybe something else is going on. The first thing to try 
is turn the phone and gps receiver off so you can cold start everything. 
Then start the phone up. Turn the gps receiver on while outside, inside can 
work sometimes but can't be counted on. Then with the receiver on start 
loadstone. After a while you should get a signal. If too long goes by then 
you could try one of the start commands in the gps menu. Start with a cold 
start and see if that works.
If non of this works then you could try removing the battery from your 
receiver for a while. I'm not sure if the globalsat has any kind of backup 
battery for settings or how long the battery has to be out before the unit 
resets back to factory defaults. A google search might turn up more 
information. It's doubtful that your receiver is dead unless something very 
strange happened.

On Sat, 1 Dec 2007, David Allen wrote:

> Hi all!
> My receiver is a Globalsat BT338. I believe the problem has been discussed
> before, but I forget the solution.
> I am not in an urban canyon area. Have had my receiver on for over an hour,
> have tried doing all the things that usually help. I almost never get
> signals instantly, but usually can acquire at least three satelites if I
> leave the receiver on the desk for a few minutes or navigate outside.
> Nothing seems to work today.
> I've tried looking at the WAAS/EGNOS settings in the receiver. How does one
> tell if on or off has been selected?
> Tried looking at the getting started manual, the menu and key reference,
> glossary, and the resources, but haven't found much to guide me on this
> question. I charged my receiver overnight and turned my phone off, both to
> save power and to avoid any unwanted calls, but that's all I've done
> recently rleative to these issues. Had plenty of signals last night when I
> called it a day.
> Cheers,
> Dave
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