[Loadstone] What is the task switching command in Symbianphones?

David Allen wd8ldy at xtra.co.nz
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Hi Dave and list!

Once I sorted through the quoting, I understood the connections and think I 
can make that all work out.

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> [quoted lines by David Allen on 2007/08/25 at 16:34 +1200]
>>Each time I exit Loadstone to send a text or answer a call or whatever, I
>>lose my connection to my GPS receiver, which kind of make sense. I 
>>though that there must be a way of doing that without actually closing
>>Loadstone. For this, there must be some kind of task switching command 
>>I'm not aware of. Can someone set me straight? Is it possible to run
>>Loadstone simultaneous with anything else or am I off base?
> Yes, you can run more than one application at the same time. To start 
> another
> application while in Loadstone (or whatever) just tap the menu key. That 
> brings
> up the main menu while leaving Loadstone still running. From there, just 
> start
> whatever you want. Then you can go to the task list by holding the menu 
> key for
> a couple of seconds. When the list comes up, use the up/down motions of 
> the
> joystick to find the task you want to bring into the foreground. When 
> you've
> found it, press the let softkey to go to it. You can also press the right
> softkey to cancel the action.
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