[Loadstone] What is the task switching command in Symbian phones?

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Sat Aug 25 06:20:43 BST 2007

[quoted lines by David Allen on 2007/08/25 at 16:34 +1200]

>Each time I exit Loadstone to send a text or answer a call or whatever, I 
>lose my connection to my GPS receiver, which kind of make sense. I suspect, 
>though that there must be a way of doing that without actually closing 
>Loadstone. For this, there must be some kind of task switching command that 
>I'm not aware of. Can someone set me straight? Is it possible to run 
>Loadstone simultaneous with anything else or am I off base?

Yes, you can run more than one application at the same time. To start another
application while in Loadstone (or whatever) just tap the menu key. That brings
up the main menu while leaving Loadstone still running. From there, just start
whatever you want. Then you can go to the task list by holding the menu key for
a couple of seconds. When the list comes up, use the up/down motions of the
joystick to find the task you want to bring into the foreground. When you've
found it, press the let softkey to go to it. You can also press the right
softkey to cancel the action.

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