[Loadstone] All at Sea

Christopher Maule-Oatway c.maule at ntlworld.com
Tue Aug 21 21:43:22 BST 2007


Having just installed Loadstone on my Nokia N73, which I use with 
Talks, I decided to join this list, as I have a question.

Has anyone used Loadstone at sea, for example, to enter course 
details and/or steer to a heading?  I have a good idea about how to 
achieve this and am interested to know if it has already been done.

Tomorrow I will be taking part in testing a talking GPS system for 
Blind/partially sighted sailing enthusiasts in Harwich Harbour (if we 
don't get the promised gales), and I hope to see if I can get the 
GPS, with its speech turned off, to work with Loadstone - if I can 
read enough of the documentation in time, that is!



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