[Loadstone] re clearing phone memory

Gary Steeves g.steeves at telus.net
Mon Aug 20 02:38:02 BST 2007

Hello Everyone:

Well, I was in the process of trying to remove some things from my 
phone memory and seemed to have messed up. I did find some photos 
that my girlfriend took that I forgot about which is good. On the bad 
side I did two other things and one of them has caused me to lose 
access to my menus on my phone. When I press the menu button, talks 
says menu but then the phone goes back to my main screen.  One file I 
deleted was under the images folder on the phone called background. I 
didn't think this was important. I can't remember what the other file 
was  called that I moved to my memory card and can't check out my 
memory card until I get home tomorrow and can use my card reader.

Does anyone know how to get my menus back working again.  I have a 
nokia 6620. I was hoping there is some key combination that might 
give me access again.

Embarrassed but hopeful.


Gary Steeves, BSW, RSW
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Vancouver, BC  V6H 1J1
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