[Loadstone] Ideas to import GeoCoder's Resultst strings showninLoadstone GPS format into existing databases?

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sun Aug 19 23:36:51 BST 2007

On the tools page:
you will find:

Database reprocessor

It sometimes happens that a converted or edited database will not be 
imported into the Loadstone program (0 entries entered, 0 duplicate entries 
A small database is easely checked, but with large files the 'Database 
Reprocessor' utility comes in handy.

The database reprocessor checks a Loadstone database for syntax, UTF8 
compliance and removes unwanted code left behind by text processors such as 
MS Word.
Aditionally you can remove entries in your database that are flagged for 
deletion on the Point Share Exchange website (after you first have uploaded 
these deletions), remove duplicate entries by position and/or name, or 
'thin out' a crowded database by declaring points of close proximity as 

The original database remains unchanged on your harddisk, all this tool 
does is offer a cleaned-up version of this file for download.

At 8/19/2007, you wrote:
>Hello Hasan,
>I realy had use Windows Notepad to open and to edit database Sources untill
>now cause I didn't find any given advise for using any particularly editing
>equipment at the Loadstone documentation. Or did I forgot anything to read
>with enough care?  So of course the mistake now should be clearly
>recognized. What UTF8 suitable Editor or a conversion tool you would
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