[Loadstone] Ideas to import GeoCoder's Resultst strings shown in Loadstone GPS format into existing databases?

Martin Kirchner martin.kirchner at email.de
Sun Aug 19 18:05:16 BST 2007


during my first strolings through the loadstone gps wilderness I've found a
rock that simply won't get out of my path. How I may import that nice
Loadstone GeoCoder search result strings shown after search procedure has
finished? OK, I have to use a points database file with - perhaps - some
point entries in it, generated by loadstone that was exported as text file
from phone to PC. I open that file using a simple text editor. I see the
header of the points database and all the point entries that I already had
made before via Loadstone interface by phone. Now I switch to the Loadstone
GeoCoder's result page. where e. g. Strings like the following are shown
after successful searchery:
", Adlerflychtstraße 14",501237840,86843720,0,0,0,UserID,1187539543
Now I marc e. g. that resultstring, copy it to clipboard and go back to the
opened points database file. Than I scroll down to the end of that file and
paste the string so that it becomes the new final entry of points database.
After that I store changes and copy the new database source file into
import/export directory of loadstone at my phone. Finally I start Loadstone
and select "Import Database" from file menu. I select to import the database
source file I just had copied to the phone. I start import process, but the
new entry will completely ignored. I'm sure that bug is one that is 48 years
old and waights around 200 pounts, located in front of my computer. May
anyone of you give me an advice how to get some more successful results?


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