[Loadstone] re clearing phone memory

Gary Steeves g.steeves at telus.net
Wed Aug 15 15:58:42 BST 2007

Hello Everyone:

Well, I'm finally aboard having received my royaltek 2110 last week. 
Like all of you when starting out I've been reading and challenging 
my wee little brain. I tried loading points from the pont share  onto 
my phone. I live in Vancouver Canada and picked a radius of 25km. Was 
able to transfer it to my memory card on my phone (nokia 6680) with 
no problem. However, when I went to import it into loadstone my phone 
told me (after about 40% done) that I didn't have enough memory. Has 
this happened to anyone else?

Was my radius too big? Are there things on my phone that are taking 
up memory that aren't necessary? I don't want to go fumbling about 
and delete things that make the darn thing work. <smile>

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Gary Steeves, BSW, RSW
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Vancouver, BC  V6H 1J1
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