[Loadstone] Another feature wish

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Mon Aug 13 09:32:04 BST 2007

OK, but if you export points to a text file, they are arranged according to the sequence in which they have been entered, don't they?
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> I'm not sure how you'd determine what the latest points were. If you enter 
> points on the phone it uses the current time stamp as an id but you really 
> couldn't depend on that. The online tools don't use the current time as an 
> id to avoid collisions with points entered on the phone so it could be quite 
> hard to figure out what was most recently entered.
> On Thu, 9 Aug 2007, Przemysław Rogalski wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> It happens that you need to change sth in Loadstone points, but don't have an access to a PC. For the time being operations on recently added points are quite complicated (creating checkpoint lists, deleting, updating etc.).
>> Therefore I fought I thought of another feature to be implemented in LS:
>> I mean such function as "Show recently added points" (eg. 20 by default, value changed in Settings), shown in a form of a list, from which you could quickly choose what to do with a particular point.
>> You could, for instance:
>> - Update it with #
>> - Mark it by *
>> - Delete it by Del
>> and - what's the most important - add it to a checkpoint list.
>> This function would be useful especially if you don't remember the exact names of recently added points, want to quickly correct/ get rid of some of them, or create a route from points you have entered soon before.
>> What do you think about such invention? Is it possible to do the job?
>> If not, I would at least suggest an option of adding a latest point entry to a checkpoint list automatically
>> Regards!
>> Przemysław
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