[Loadstone] No Signal and Signal Acquired transitions.

Charlie Richardson charlieofalbany at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 11 01:18:04 BST 2007

Well, this explains something.  I noticed a few times that if I turn on my 
receiver while in motion it does take several minutes before acquiring a 
signal.  But in the morning just before leaving the house I turn on the 
receiver and get to the bus stop and then load the software and usually get 
a signal immediately.

Is it coincidence or a fact that GPS receivers don't acquire a signal if 
trying in motion.

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> Hello,
> On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 09:51:50PM +1200, David Allen wrote:
>> Well, Shawn got my attention, when he commented that he always has a 
>> signal
>> with a good receiver. I'm wondering where I went wrong. I have the 
>> Globalsat
>> BT338, which I chose primarily because the info at the Loadstone web site
>> said it was more sensitive. And while our insulation isn't bad, I often 
>> have
>> no signal for several minutes even if I'm outside, and of course, it is 
>> full
> The globalsat BT338 is certainly a respectable unit and
> shouldn't be losing signal for minutes at a time.  Did you
> get a good acquisition by remaining stationary for a couple
> minutes when the unit is first powered on.  That is, I've
> found most receivers can't acquire too well whilst in
> motion but once a good signal is obtained, you should be
> able to keep it through most things.
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