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Charlie Richardson charlieofalbany at hotmail.com
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Nice how you took that totally out of context.

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> [quoted lines by Charlie Richardson on 2007/08/09 at 19:56 -0400]
>>I show check points only and have no major reason to know exactly where I 
>>on a normal basis.
> But that's why applications like Loadstone are configurable. You may live 
> a
> very predictable and uncomplicated life. I, on the other hand, with 
> thirteen
> children and lots of varying and unpredictable things to do, live a mroe
> complex life. You oughtn't assume that your needs are sufficiently 
> adequate to
> constrain the ways in which anyone else either needs to, or would like to, 
> use
> any particular application.
> Also please note that, unlike your assumption, I'm not talking about 
> making
> every single intersection a checkpoint. What I've done, which, in general,
> works very well, is to make every major intersection a checkpoint. This 
> makes
> it extremely easy for me to go anywhere I happen to need to go as my 
> complex
> life proceeds from one unpredictable moment to the next.
> Now I'm just discussing ways that would not only benefit myself, but might
> also, when properly designed, benefit all other Loadstone users as well.
> Loadstone is a wonderful application, but I'm sure it didn't become that 
> except
> for its designers' patient insistance on continually improving it, and 
> such
> improvements never come about when people simply settle for the fact that 
> it's
> already usable enough for their own needs.
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