[Loadstone] Another feature wish

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Thu Aug 9 02:26:08 BST 2007

I'm not sure how you'd determine what the latest points were. If you enter 
points on the phone it uses the current time stamp as an id but you really 
couldn't depend on that. The online tools don't use the current time as an 
id to avoid collisions with points entered on the phone so it could be quite 
hard to figure out what was most recently entered.

On Thu, 9 Aug 2007, Przemysław Rogalski wrote:

> Hi all!
> It happens that you need to change sth in Loadstone points, but don't have an access to a PC. For the time being operations on recently added points are quite complicated (creating checkpoint lists, deleting, updating etc.).
> Therefore I fought I thought of another feature to be implemented in LS:
> I mean such function as "Show recently added points" (eg. 20 by default, value changed in Settings), shown in a form of a list, from which you could quickly choose what to do with a particular point.
> You could, for instance:
> - Update it with #
> - Mark it by *
> - Delete it by Del
> and - what's the most important - add it to a checkpoint list.
> This function would be useful especially if you don't remember the exact names of recently added points, want to quickly correct/ get rid of some of them, or create a route from points you have entered soon before.
> What do you think about such invention? Is it possible to do the job?
> If not, I would at least suggest an option of adding a latest point entry to a checkpoint list automatically
> Regards!
> Przemysław
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