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In my city - Poznan, Poland I come across the same problem - with wrong busstop display and voice announcements on the bus. That might be very confusing aspecially for blind people. In most cases the announcement system is connected with wheel turns (disttance meter on the bus). But it is important that the bus driver resets the system each time he is on start/end bus stop on the particular line/route. In many cases the drivers forget to do this - and the anouncements loose the synchronization with real bus location on the route.

This is the situation where LS is proving to be the most reliable solution -. As you example shows. I also use LS for bus/tram stop information.

BTW: What city are you from?


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> I found that in a route you don't want to have too many check points checked 
> because it will start announcing them rapidly.  While on a bus my check 
> points are probably 4 blocks apart from each other and riding to work in the 
> morning which is about 13 blocks I only have the check point of my stop 
> marked which before I get on the bus is 1.46 miles away.  For the most part 
> my phone is in my pocket and when I feel the vibration it's time to pull the 
> bell for my stop.
> Someone once asked me how I knew exactly where to pull the bell for my stop. 
> I could have made it an ancient blind man secret, but I showed them the GPS 
> on my phone.
> They said the bus should use whatever I'm using because the display sign on 
> the bus has the wrong location on it a lot of times.
> I'm not sure that the bus system uses GPS.
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> >>Nothing will turn off an approach announcement for a checkpoint (that's 
> >>kind
> >>of the idea of having it checked). The isolate checkpoint just makes it a
> >>bit easier to track the next checkpoint without worrying about what way
> >>you're pressing the joystick. Probably easier to just use the 5 key and 
> >>not
> >>the isolate checkpoint option.
> >
> > I don't think I explained clearly enough what I'm getting at. I like the
> > announcements on.
> >
> > I've found it effective to use a street intersection map with checkpoints 
> > at
> > every major intersection. This works extremely well. What happens at a 
> > major
> > interchange, though, is that several announcements quickly follow one 
> > another,
> > with point 2 being annonced before I've even passed point 1. What I'm 
> > asking,
> > therefore, is how the announcements are supposed to work. Is each point
> > announced as soon as it is within 10 seconds (in my case) range, or is it
> > supposed to wait until I've passed the first point (started moving further 
> > away
> > from it) before locking in on the next one?
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