[Loadstone] Backup Question

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Wed Aug 8 03:55:21 BST 2007

As you can probably imagine, I am regularly backing up various databases as 
part of mining data for the Appalachian Trail.  As far as I am concerned, 
Murphy was an optimist!

Is it possible to backup the unexported files and restore them without 
importing if necessary?  Is it possible to restore such files by just 
pasting them into the database directory?  I noticed the unexported file 
format is different from the exported file format.  I thought I would ask 
this question before having to restore unexported files.  If nobody has 
tried that, don't worry about it.  I won't be the first.  I've gone to too 
much trouble to try it and risk data loss.

By the way, on a Nokia 6680, Loadstone seems to work well with a database of 
over 20 MB.  If I set the search radius to twenty miles or less, I don't 
have any real problems.


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