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I found that in a route you don't want to have too many check points checked 
because it will start announcing them rapidly.  While on a bus my check 
points are probably 4 blocks apart from each other and riding to work in the 
morning which is about 13 blocks I only have the check point of my stop 
marked which before I get on the bus is 1.46 miles away.  For the most part 
my phone is in my pocket and when I feel the vibration it's time to pull the 
bell for my stop.

Someone once asked me how I knew exactly where to pull the bell for my stop. 
I could have made it an ancient blind man secret, but I showed them the GPS 
on my phone.

They said the bus should use whatever I'm using because the display sign on 
the bus has the wrong location on it a lot of times.

I'm not sure that the bus system uses GPS.

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> [quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2007/08/07 at 17:23 -0700]
>>Nothing will turn off an approach announcement for a checkpoint (that's 
>>of the idea of having it checked). The isolate checkpoint just makes it a
>>bit easier to track the next checkpoint without worrying about what way
>>you're pressing the joystick. Probably easier to just use the 5 key and 
>>the isolate checkpoint option.
> I don't think I explained clearly enough what I'm getting at. I like the
> announcements on.
> I've found it effective to use a street intersection map with checkpoints 
> at
> every major intersection. This works extremely well. What happens at a 
> major
> interchange, though, is that several announcements quickly follow one 
> another,
> with point 2 being annonced before I've even passed point 1. What I'm 
> asking,
> therefore, is how the announcements are supposed to work. Is each point
> announced as soon as it is within 10 seconds (in my case) range, or is it
> supposed to wait until I've passed the first point (started moving further 
> away
> from it) before locking in on the next one?
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