[Loadstone] New Idea

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Wed Aug 8 01:27:52 BST 2007

Something like this could probably be put in. I think we'd want to stay with 
short beeps thoe since a straight tone would be a bit much. The biggest 
problem I can see with this is the beeps interrupting any voice 
announcements. Talks and other sounds don't play well together on a lot of 
phones. The autoannounce feature might do close to what you want. The 
interval of the announcements will get shorter as you approach the point.

On Tue, 7 Aug 2007, Charlie Richardson wrote:

> Just a thought while walking down a street with a building marked as a check
> point.  I keep hitting select to see how many yards away i am.  While
> traveling with a cane the last thing I need to be doing is messing around
> with my phone in the other hand pushing buttons.  I almost dropped it.
> Would it be practical or reasonable to add a homing feature.  I'm thinking
> it would work like this.  The closer I get to a point the faster the beeping
> would be and if I got exactly on a point it would be a straight tone.
> Not really looking to get exactly back to the original point, but find a way
> to check how close I am to a point without using my hands.
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