[Loadstone] creating the database on a pc

Hasan Karahasan karahasan at onlinehome.de
Sun Aug 5 08:39:15 BST 2007

You wrote:

> Loadstone is using the database engine built in to the phone. They call it
> epoc dbms.

They will obviously change their built in db engine to sqlite in the next 
major OS release called OS 9.5. Developers discuss if a built in db makes 
sence or not. You won't be able to patch the db in ROM due to a little bug 
without upgrading the complete operating system. Therefore some people say 
that a db engine must go into the application but not into the operating 
system. But I am afraid that Nokia will not do any favor for us ;-).
I hope you won't have to rewrite the complete db code for upcoming fones 
using os 9.5.

Here is the link where I found the info.



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