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Hi Jacob,

You will find the answers to these and other questions on our website:

For information on the Loadstone-GPS software go to:

For information on GPS receivers to use with Loadstone GPS go to:
http://www.loadstone-gps.com/articles and read:
GPS receivers: how they work.
Three GPS receivers compared.

Best regards,

The Loadstone GPS team

At 8/4/2007, you wrote:
>Hi all - new member to this list
>Two questions.
>First and most important one is what GPS devices would you guys recommend?
>Currently sort of looking at a Route 66 thingy (http://www.66.com/), but I
>actually am sort of trying to get hold of a test unit or something, but
>we'll see.
>Second question, is wen using loadstone, does it in fact access the street
>names/POI database which might in fact be loaded on the actual GPS unit?  I
>was previously sort of testing the Humanware Trekker thing, and I very
>briefly sort of tried to test that included GPS unit with Loadstone, but I
>didn't really do much more than create one or two of my own POIs as such,
>and I had to give the whole gadget back to the suppliers a bit too soon to
>test much more.
>One other interesting thing I'm also planning on using this combination for
>is actually to ride an off-road motorbike around an open area, and I know
>the loadstone/GPS combination should be 'good' for that sort of thing.
>Stay well
>Jacob Kruger
>Blind Biker
>Jacob Kruger
>Blind Biker
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