[Loadstone] point table

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Sat Aug 4 02:40:20 BST 2007

[quoted lines by Rob Melchers on 2007/08/04 at 03:16 +0200]

>We are working on adding point types and classes (see the tools page on the
>website under workshop) and it would be possible to add a 'description' field
>of let's say 125 chars where you could enter stuff like phone numbers etc.

Are these types and classes maintained within the on-phone database? If so, how
are they specified (as there don't appear to be fields within the point table
for them)? The kind of data I'm referring to is realLy only useful if it's
portaBLE, I.E. if it's right with the user as he's travelling, as that's the
only place he'd want to look it up.

>Keeping the dBase as small as possible is important as long as we don't find a
>better (open source) dBase that does a proper indexing job.

Perhaps there could be an optional secondary database alongside the main one
which could contain additional data if the user feels he has the space for it.

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