[Loadstone] Important Item of a POI - Was: Point type and classcollector.

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I saw all those messages before and after re-reading the below post I realize that it's not the concept of POI that confuses me, but the statements in that email.

For one, does it matter if a street is long to mark POI to it?  Is someone going to be that dependent on GPS to have to mark a mailbox to find it again?  At a bus stop, if you mark a spot, will the GPS bring you to that exact spot again?  Will the bus stop there again exactly where it did the first time?  Does it matter because drivers here generally bring the bus to where the blind person is standing.

GPS is great for letting you know where you are, but marking an area as park or town almost seems unnecessary.  Do you not know what town you're in?  And if you marked a single spot using your GPS could you call it a town?

I think POI categories should be kept kind of general.  Or is the thinking to categorize mailboxes because I might be in a strange city and in need of mailing a letter and not knowing where a mailbox is so I get out my phone and load up and use the category for mailbox to see where the nearest mailbox is.  I'm really stretching my imagination coming up with that one.

I saw a GPS solution on TV once that had categories and the person puts in Casino as a category and finds the nearest one 154 miles away.  They can then get directions to it, look up the address and phone number to it.  They can find nearby restaurants and so on.  I guess if that's what Loadstone is going to be eventually then the mailbox category is necessary.  But then under restaurants we should be able to choose Chinese, Italian and so on.

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  Have a look in the archieves:
  and look for:
  Point type/class


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    Someone help me, because I don't have a clue of what this means.

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    Good morning,

    thinking of POIs I found out, that one thing is missing in the discussion,
    that would be very helpfull later. But it is now the right time to think


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