[Loadstone] Important Item of a POI - Was: Point type and class collector.

Teddy hackelberriwien at online-rudel.net
Fri Apr 13 07:42:37 BST 2007

Good morning,

thinking of POIs I found out, that one thing is missing in the discussion,
that would be very helpfull later. But it is now the right time to think

In my opinnion there are thre main types of POIs. That have nothing to do
with the currently discussed POI-Classes and categories. Lets call them
Navtype, to have a name for the child.

1. POIs, that are part of a amount, that is mainly long. Such as a street,
railway or route of a bus.
2. POIs, that are part of a amount that makes up a area such as a forest, a
town or a Park.
3. POIs, that are singular - nearly have no dimension such as a letter box,
dore or a bus stop. 

- Of cores a bus stop has a dimention. It is about 10 or 20 meters long. But
for the case of navigation, the point, where the first dore of a braking bus
normally comes to rast, is the POI for us. We've nearly the same case with
addresses, although houses and gardens normally not use to stop and go.
- Sometimes it is not really clear, whether a place is a place or a wide
street. So perhaps there it makes not really sence to divide by navtype 1
and navtype 2. I think, this should be desidet from case to case by the
user. But for a forest it is clear.

For example I walk down the Laxenburger Straße - it is about 5 kilometers
long. I've set a POI around evry 25 meters. I'm not interessted in getting
an announcement evry 2 seconds, when I go by bus. Only when the bus turns
away from the Laxenburger Straße this is of interesst. 

I. POIs of Navtype 1 and 2 could get something like a Group ID
II. Using this Group ID in case Navtype 1 I can get the information, if I
walk along or across a street.
III. Using this Group ID in case of Navtype 2, I can get the information, if
I'm in a town, exiting a forist or entering a park.



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