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Cearbhall O Meadhra cearbhall.omeadhra at idd.ie
Wed Apr 11 22:26:19 BST 2007

Hello  Mikolaj,

I am very interested in your GingerBlu in Poland. Can you give me some
information on how it is formed? Perhaps you could email me off-line as this
is not really a Loadstone issue.

In Ireland, our bus service is preparing a GPS map for locations of bus
stops with timetables.
I would love to be able to tell them Poland has already developed a usable

Yours sincerely,
Cearbhall E. O'Meadhra
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> Think of the future: Sooner or later we'll have POIs like Bus stops 
> and Routes like Bus #66 with the possibility to get time table data 
> from the internet. We shouldn't be forced than, to rebuild all our 
> databases, like others forced in the moment. And that all, just 
> because of 3 bytes to save.

Speaking of time tables - in my city Poznan, Poland - it is not a future -
its a reality! I use "Ginger" a java application that shows current
timetables for each tram or bus line/route in my city. A special version of
Ginger - called GingerBlu (BLU stands for "blind and low vision users") is
specially adjusted to work with Talks or Mobilespeak. Moreover it doesn't
need an internet connection as it holds whole time table in phones memory!.

Using LS I have gathered all tram stops (251) in Poznan, and using a list of
checkpoints I have created tram routes. Now I am able to hear announcements
when approaching a tram-stop on a particular tram route/line.

Combination of LS and GingerBlu makes almost a complete solution for blind
people in Poznan travelling by public city transport.

Mikolaj rotnicki 

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