[Loadstone] Point type/class

Teddy hackelberriwien at online-rudel.net
Wed Apr 11 10:15:53 BST 2007

Hi Schawn,

> but an array stored in the program.

The SQL statements were only to make clear, what I mean ...

> Idealy I'd like no more than 15 main types with no more than 15 
> subtypes each. This would allow the type and sutbype ids to be stored 
> in a single byte ...

"If You find it complicated, to make Your application follow the reality,
think of changing the world".

The memory may be rare, but not as rare to discuss about a byte, a word or a
doubleword.  With a simple compress method You can make the category 1.2.16
look like 12g0 that are 4 bytes. 

If you like smaller lists, You can reduze the selection for each level. For
example to select a highway the user would do the following:
- Open Category menu
- Select Trafik 
- Presse Select key
- Select "streets and places"
- Press Select key
- Select street
- Press select key
- Select Highway 
- Press Select key 

Just to select any street or place:
- Open Category menu
- Select Trafik 
- Presse Select key
- Select "streets and places"
- Press OK Butten 

So anyone can do it as complicated or as easy as he or she likes 

this model is reduzed to 4 levels. May be we can think of 5 or 6. But I'm
unable to find a category that is deeper than 4 levels. 

Of course some one could say, we never will have phones, that can hold 4
billion categories. But for the first, is this really shure? And for the
seccond, no one wants to have this. 

Think of the future: Sooner or later we'll have POIs like Bus stops and
Routes like Bus #66 with the possibility to get time table data from the
internet. We shouldn't be forced than, to rebuild all our databases, like
others forced in the moment. And that all, just because of 3 bytes to save.

Someone wrote, that all this will not be availible the next days. So we can
think of a solution for phones with more memory and processor speed as the
current ones.



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