[Loadstone] Point type/class

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Wed Apr 11 09:30:31 BST 2007

The system you suggest would probably work better on a more powerful system. 
Unfortunately with the phone we have to account for storage, memory, and 
processing power. We also have to deal with the phone's database engine that 
lacks several features that would be nice to have.
I think the way this will probably work is the types won't be a table in the 
database but an array stored in the program. This will allow the types to be 
translated in to other languages and won't require duplicating type data for 
every database created. The database would then use ids to reference the 
types. Idealy I'd like no more than 15 main types with no more than 15 
subtypes each. This would allow the type and sutbype ids to be stored in a 
single byte so that that data would only be one extra byte per point. I'm 
not sure if this will happen or not thoe. I don't want a table that joins 
types to points since using it to filter searches would be almost 
impossible. This is because the database engine doesn't support table joins. 
The way around that would of course be to replace the database engine. We 
need one that's free and open source that can run on series60 phones. No 
luck so far in finding that.

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