[Loadstone] 2 requests: move point and reconnect

R. Neill Hadder neill.hadder at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 16:51:50 BST 2007

Hi guys,

A 2-item wish list:
1) it seems like it would be possible to implement a "move current point"
feature to help counteract the tendency to be say 10m off when you're
walking along setting waypoints and then another 10m off, possibly the other
direction, when you're going back through.  I constantly wish I could just
"fix" a point, literally, when I find myself on the wrong side of the street
from what the unit was reporting should be the case: 3 o'clock is as likely
to really be 9:00 as not, within 12 meters, and only trigonometrically
better at greater distances.  I'm sure moving a point x meters in a cardinal
direction or clockface orientation translates into some decimal value of
milliseconds in the coordinates.  I have a hunch that a little routine to
accept input and make this calculation could double the tracking accuracy.
Discussion welcome.

2) As I noted in my comments on the i-blue 737, there's some fairly common
if not random condition that prompts the gps receiver to stop sending data
to the phone, even though it's still actively tracking umpteen satelites.
Loadstone disconnects, but can reconnect within a couple of seconds. I would
like to try a setting that allows loadstone to try an automatic hot start
before disconnecting.  Even if it's a low battery or low bluetooth signal
issue, this would be helpful.  Invariably, the one time that I really need
it in a high-traffic urban environment, the gps will go out and I am stuck
fiddling with things, possibly for a prohibitive period of time.  Seems like
it's worth a try.  Again, my own experience is with the 6682 and mtk.


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