[Loadstone] Point classifications

R. Neill Hadder neill.hadder at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 16:19:42 BST 2007

Some more suggestions:

Intersection - looks like that one just slipped your mind.

Crosswalk, lighted intersection

Coffee - might be useful to distinguish coffee houses from cafes, or have
café separate from bar.

Office - could include one's own and also things like office buildings.
Different from government building.  

House (house might fall under several existing categories, but it'll
probably be important to spread them out over the alphabet, and there are
lots of "r" words already).

Note on "college/school" - Universities would need a set of different
categories: "building," "dormatory," "student center" (or a general
"community center" category to catch the old folks too).  "Administration"
might similarly function both for universities and for things like municipal

Possibly replace hospital with "health "medical center" to make it more

Doctor (possibly including vet?)

Convenience store (in the U.S., definitely different from the UK-centric
"petral station" and the catch-all "store")

Fast food (different from café and restaurant)

Stand (maybe useful for little market-stall type vendors you find on
university campuses and elsewhere?)  Certainly the taco stand is ubiquitous
here in Texas, but doesn't operate at all like a café or convenience store.

Station or transportation - train station, bus station, taxi stand.

Elevator, escalator, stairs.

Door (although GPS can't find the door...)

I'm glad I'll be able to find any zebras in my area, so long as they're
sedintary.  God, maybe they're all around me right now!


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