[Loadstone] EMail formats -> was purchasing your first GPS receiver

Geoff Waaler gwaaler at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 5 18:42:13 BST 2007

Bert>PS: it would be nice, if all of you take care not to Bert>send your 
mails in boring html format.

Bert>Because of the bad readability of the text.

There are absolutely no readability issues for those using what I consider a 
*real* email client rather than  an ancient one noone heard of such as your 
"Keine Ahnung, irgend so'n Ranzteil" which apparently does not even support 
what has become a standard and ubiquitous mailing protocol.  I learned at a 
young age that the world is not about to change to suit my preferences, so 
when I finally got tired of not being able to read messages properly I bit 
the bullet and jettisoned PMMail, which I loved, but had not been updated 
since 2000 or so.  Now I often prefer receiving and sending HTML and 
certainly exploit hyperlink features when communicating with someone who can 
deal with them.
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