[Loadstone] Key 5 in NavMod.

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The big (and pleasant) difference between Loadstone and the other 
navigators is, that Loadstone tells you where you are by providing the 
names of the nearest points around you. It functions as an 'orientation' 
tool. Most Loadstone users like it this way, because knowing where you are 
is the natural way of navigating. Deciding where you want to go is 
something most people do by themselves, but some people prefer to be told 
to 'turn left' or turn right' by a machine. Loadstone doesn't do this. In 
stead, it announces the point that you are approaching. Determining your 
position is best done by querying your close surroundings and that's 
exactly what the arrow keys do in Loadstone. However, if you like to 'look 
ahead', that's only one keystroke away, just press the '0' key and use the 
numeric keys to augment your field of vision. Return to navigation mode by 
one more '0' key press.


At 4/2/2007, you wrote:
>As far as my experience has been, the up arrow only elicits the up coming
>street.  I cannot hear the next street until I arrive at this street.  I
>would like to be able to find out if the street I am looking for is one more
>or two more, etc.  For me, this is not currently happening in navigation
>mode.  If I am in the car, I don't want to be using virtual mode.
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>This is exactly what the up arrow will do. Having a key changing
>functionality would probably be quite confusing.
>On Sun, 1 Apr 2007, Gabriel Battaglia wrote:
> > Hi, why don't assign the key number 5, during navigation mode, to announce
> > the next (or closest) POI in our heading?
> > I know that it works if we have marked some poi but if we haven't marked,
> > should announce the next point in front of us. I think it could be very
> > usuful.
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Gabriel.
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