[Loadstone] Can't always check a point

Raymond Jansen r.jansen at wanadoo.nl
Sat Sep 30 19:30:01 BST 2006

Hi Rob,

I did this, and also used the find option, but the same result. I will see 
if I can find something in the file.

I also think that certain points can't be found while using the keypad.



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> Hi Raymond,
> Try to navigate away from the point you are trying to check using the keys
> on the keypad, then find the point again and press the star key. I found
> that only using the joystick to find a point for checking sometimes 
> results
> in not being able to check a point.
> If that doesn't work, export your database to your PC and have a look if
> the data in the file isn't corrupted.
> Rob
> At 9/30/2006, you wrote:
>>I have a few points in my database that I can't check for a points list.
>>Pressing the 5 key in exploration mode ensures me that I'm on the right
>>point (only the label is spoken), but pressing the star key always says 
>>I created the points using Loadstone.
>>Any tips?
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