[Loadstone] A small suggestion

Ari Moisio arimo at netsonic.fi
Wed Sep 20 12:55:57 BST 2006


  About point searches:

  Sorry, but current exploration mode  reminds about those 80's  text 
adventure games.

  I'll suggest following  user interface in exploration mode:

- Joystick will open a list dialog about nearby points. Up points  between 
northwest and northeast, rigth between northeast and southeast and so on. 
Pressing  joystick will bring list of nearest point in any direction.

  In  this list there are points names, distances and some indicator if 
point is checked sorted by distance. 
Pressing joystic will move to selected point.

- When pressing  number key application will list points with 
corresponding initial letters, for example: pressing '2' three times 
quicly will brin up all points whose name begins with 'c'.


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