[Loadstone] further points re menus

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at IOL.IE
Sun Sep 17 18:04:03 BST 2006

Hi team,With reference to my last email to you, I wonder if any of your team
is blind and uses Talks.
The impression a blind person using Talks or any speech product is totally
different to the sighted impression of the screen. When the spoken word says
something is "on" I and every other blind person I know expects this to mean
that the item is "on". Some other format is needed to explicitly imply what
you are trying to do.
Finally, your item now labelled "Use check points on" which is actually
"off" tells me nothing at first reading as I am already using checked points
from my route file.
However, if it was labelled "Use checked points only = on" then it is
immediately understandable in that it limits the available points to thos
checked previously.
When toggled it would read "Use checked points only = off".
Regards to all,
Aedan O'Meara.

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