[Loadstone] Reply to Shawn et al.

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at IOL.IE
Sun Sep 17 17:43:56 BST 2006

Hi Shawn,
I understand what you are trying to do but it is not working. I must say
that after 2 years using this phone I have never seen any other product that
states the alternative possible state instead of the current chosen one in
this way.
Furthermore, this view is not only mine. Two other friends using this
product, one a fully sighted ham radio friend who is also a clergyman, and
another blind friend in Dublin who has also got Wayfinder and the new
Sensora gps system have both expressed disatifaction with your menu system.
To quote the blind friend "it is stupid and confusing". These are not first
Also if your system is so good why are we having all these discussions.
Since joining this list I see every day someone who is confused by your
Aedan O'Meara.

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